Welcome to The Nine Planets - For Kids! With permission from Bill Arnett, I've revamped his web site, The Nine Planets , for younger audience suitability (upper elementary grades). The Nine Planets is a very comprehensive information site featuring the planets of our solar system (related items included). To create a simpler, more focused atmosphere, I've eliminated the more advanced concepts, emphasized the more basic concepts, and given it more of a 'kid-friendly' look-and-feel. Teachers are welcome and encouraged to e-mail me (see below) with feedback regarding suitability and/or improvements to the page.

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Yikes! The astronomers have demoted Pluto so there are now only eight planets; Pluto is no longer officially a planet. Now they're calling it a "dwarf planet". Well, it's certainly a dwarf. But planet or not, it's still out there and we can still try to find out what it's made of and how it got there.

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